December 2020

Dear Patrons:

Libraries are essential. Especially in challenging times.
We face an unprecedented crisis and it can sometimes be difficult to not let it overwhelm us. The library can provide hope and unity in a troubled time. The Tilton Library stands ready to serve our community, with confidence for all we can do together now and in the future.    

We have risen to the challenges in many ways so we can continue to serve our community.
At Tilton Library we are proud to serve as a community hub, providing free and open access to information, technology, and ideas. While COVID-19 halted in-person activity for libraries across the country, we took action so patrons could continue to learn, grow, and socialize with each other safely.

     This year we have:

Now, more than ever, our community needs us. And we need you.Families need the free education and entertainment the library provides. Individuals need access to computers and printing, internet, books, movies, news, and magazines. Job hunters need information. Others enjoy the programs and the peaceful atmosphere. The Tilton Library has them all.

Please make a gift today so we can continue to serve all who need us both now and in the future.
Your generous donation at this critical time will ensure that the community needs continue to be met. 

You may CLICK HERE to make an online payment via PayPal. Or you may write a check to the TILTON FUND, 75 North Main Street, South Deerfield, MA 01373.

With gratitude,

Candace Bradbury-Carlin, Director

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