December 1, 2021

I am asking you to support your library, the Tilton Library in Deerfield.  

2021 HAS BEEN A YEAR OF TRANSITIONand our library has continued to be a model of adaptation, flexibility, and ingenuity.

OUR SERVICES:After a year of finding creative alternate ways to serve our patrons during a pandemic, we fully reopened in June. We made this transition safely, and our patrons are thrilled to be back inside the library. We continue to use some of those alternate approaches to programs and services, including virtual programming, and our take-and-make activity packets have been popular with patrons of all ages. Also, we’re holding many programs outside throughout the year, which gives the added benefit of exercise and fresh air.  And our smaller, limited capacity programs, meet inside the building before or after hours with masks on.   

OUR TEAM: As long-term staff have decided to retire, we usher in new staff who continue to provide services with the friendliness and helpfulness that our community has come to cherish. Our Head of Adult Circulation for over twenty years, Deb McQuillan, retired in May to spend time with her large family.  Luckily, she is a regular patron! Kim Sprankle has filled that role with great aplomb and given it her own twist – much to the appreciation of our patrons. Julie Cavacco, our long time Children’s Librarian, will join her husband in happy retirement in January, and will continue writing her much loved children’s books. A search has begun for the person to follow in her footsteps. We are grateful to Deb and Julie for their many years of outstanding service, and we wish them both the utmost happiness in their retirement.

OUR BUILDING Our community deserves a library that grows along with our changing needs. As you may know, the Tilton is in line to receive a state grant in 2022 that will help fund a renovation and expansion to our building.  In order to continue to instruct, inspire and innovate we need to evolve with: the appropriate amount of space for all ages, use of technology, better energy efficiency, and flexibility for the future. We will be hosting a variety of fundraising activities and will be developing new materials, such as pocket brochures and dedicated webpages and social media, which will provide the most up-to-date information about the project.

OUR COMMITMENT: Our commitment to giving our community all that we can is steadfast. Our value to the community is immeasurable. SEE A FEW PHOTOS BELOW FROM A RECENT SLIDE PRESENTATION TO THE SELECTBOARD, WHICH LIST SOME OF OUR MANY OFFERINGS AND WHOM THEY BENEFIT (Hint: everyone).

YOU: Your generous donation helps ensure that our community’s needs continue to be met now and in the future. Everything we do relies in part on support from our community.
You may CLICK HERE to make an online payment via PayPal. Or you may write a check to the TILTON FUND, 75 North Main Street, South Deerfield, MA 01373.

With gratitude,

Candace Bradbury-Carlin, Director

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Marjorie Shearer | Cynthia Von Flatern | Satu Zoller