Virtual Gallery

Welcome to the Tilton Library virtual gallery! While the building is closed we will exhibit work by local artists and artisans here. Click images below to browse the latest exhibit.


Sara Lechner

Flotsam, Photo Mixed Media on board

I began my art career in 2003 as a fine art photographer, but the fully digital artistic process felt unfulfilling to me. I wanted the tactile and intimate experience of creating art with my hands, so I developed a system of transferring photographs to board, and then hand finishing each piece with pencil, ink, and acrylic. What began as photography mixed media has evolved into primarily hand painted mixed media, with the recent addition of intricate gold and metal leaf. Every one of my subjects was alive when I took the original photos. My work exists at the intersection of art and ecology. I consider myself an ambassador for the little, often overlooked creatures; the ones who suffer most from pesticides and pollution. Humans are becoming increasingly disengaged from the natural world. I choose my subjects to help us all to refocus. When we forget to appreciate the beauty and value of the insect world, we do so at all our peril. Butterflies and bees are as close to fairies as our human eyes will ever see! They are magical creatures. If you purchase work from me, it will come to you with a little packet of wildflower seeds so you can add to or create your own pollinator sanctuary. Let’s work together to keep this world a place where pollinators can thrive.

Special thanks to the staff at Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory & Gardens for allowing me to come in and photograph so many of their lovely butterflies, and for being so helpful to me during and after my time there. I hope to return soon. I have more butterflies and flowers than you see here.

If you’d like to purchase or commission a piece, please contact me at To see more of my art, visit my website: Find me on Facebook @SaraLechnerFineArt to catch a first glimpse at new work before it hits my website. 

Primrose Moth with Primroses, Acrylic painting with pastiglia and metal leaf

Pink Roses, Photo Mixed Media on board 

Ragged Painted Lady Butterfly, Mixed Media Acrylic with 23k yellow gold leaf on board 

Yellow Woolybear Moth, Photo Mixed Media on board 

Honeybee, Acrylic with 23k yellow gold leaf on board 

Sunflower Triptych, Photo Mixed Media on board 

Carpenter Bee and Common Violet, Acrylic mixed media with hand etched brass plaque and gesso pastiglia under 23k gold leaf, 

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