Capital Campaign for Building Project

Imagine You Can Help Make This Happen

Together we can make the dream of a new Tilton Library become a reality.

Your gift, through the Tilton Fund, is an investment in the future of the Deerfield region and those who call it home. There are many ways you can give…and all gifts are greatly needed and deeply appreciated! To read more about the project history and see more of the design, CLICK HERE. To make a donation, please click the PayPal button below. To make a multi-year pledge, please contact the library director for a pledge form.

Donations may be sent via PayPal:

THE COST: The project’s estimated cost is $12.3M.

THE FUNDING: The Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC) grant cuts that cost down to approximately $7.8M . The Tilton Fund’s capital campaign will decrease the amount the town must finance by $2M, bringing cost down to approx. $5.8M. And the library will get another state grant for being a LEED certified (energy efficient) design, in the amount of $100K.


The Tilton Fund has embarked on a capital campaign. To date, $1,104,466 has been raised toward the campaign’s  $2 million goal. These funds will further offset the cost of the project to Deerfield’s taxpayers. The more we raise, the less taxpayers have to pay! Scroll down to see how you can donate.

(This is a partial listing of our donations. Please let us know if you don’t see your name listed.)

$100,000 and above
Barker Family Foundation
Deerfield Academy
Anonymous (1)

$50,000 and above
Oakes Family Foundation
Elizabeth Odell
Joseph Savage
Satu Zoller & David Sharp
Anonymous (1)

$25,000 – $49,999
Bement School
Eaglebrook School
Greenfield Savings Bank
Nancy & Gary Maynard
Bette & Bob Schmitt

$10,000 – $24,999
Robert Bradbury
Friends of Tilton Library
Diane Kolakoski
Lisa & Jeff Peddar, Kylie and Casey Kittredge
Nancy Sadoski
Deborah Shriver
Dora Walters
Anonymous (1)

$1,000 – $9,999
Ann Barker
Renie Clancy
Heidi Bauer-Clapp
Rachel Blain & Andrew Chase
James Cambias & Diane Kelly
Gina Deschaine-Stone
Lee & Richard Easton
Debbie Felton
First Church of Deerfield
Greenfield Cooperative Bank
Kathryn Hayes
Klimczak Family Trust
Lorraine Hart & Cheryl Patterson
Erika Higgins Ross & Jon Ross
Andrea Leibson & Jack Wileden
Natasha Lowe
Tinka Lunt
Sherry Morgan
Kathy & Dennis O’Rourke
Ted and Carole Pennock
Pam & Reed Predmore
David Purington
Mark Scandling
Marjorie Shearer
Joanne Sherman
Linda Sinapi & Catherine Carulli
John and Pam Stobierski
Cynthia Von Flatern
Ann & John Wood
Sara Woodbury & Sid Siff
Anonymous (2)

$500 – $999
Sara Becton Ardrey and Guy Ardrey
Arleen Carbone
Tim Hilchey & Pat Ryan
Scott Hunter
David Kolakoski
David Lamb
Moira Megargee 
Dorothy Milne
Libby Post
Lynn Rubinstein & Joe Shoenfeld
Carolyn Shores Ness & Eric Ness
M.A. & Alan Swedlund

Nancy & Gary Alan
Virginia Baker
Bernadette Bean
Lisa Berger
Cathy Bertinuson & Jon Oltman
Anne Bertinuson
Rep. Natalie Blais
Anna Bognolo
Lucinda & Wes Brown
Anthony Cappabianca & Midori Tabery
Andrea Carlin
Julie Cavacco
Louise Chartier
Ann Mary Cloutier & David Potter
Elizabeth Conslick 
Seth Deyshe
Karen Dodge
Leslie Dwight
Mark Fabianowicz
Aaron Falbel
Kristen Farrell
Susan Fentin
Gail Fitzpatrick
Karen Fitzpatrick & Bill Collins
Nancy Fritz
Tamela Gaylor
Vanessa Gieske
Ava Gipps
Beth Girshman
Susan Haff
Susan Handlen
Max Hartshorne
Megan Hayes-Golding
Elaine & Russel Higgins
John & Nancy Howell
Kaylan Hubbard
Kathleen Johnson
Mimi Kaplan
Patricia Karkut
Gary Karelis
Michelle Kofler
Nicole Lankowski
Sally Laubin-Jones
Karina Laurenitis
Catherine Lawless
Anthony Lechner
Andrea Leibson
Joan Levy
Tracy Levy
Edith & Alan Lipp
Sam Lipp
Kathleen Lowry
Linda MacGowan
Judith Markland
Janet McCracken
Deb and Jay McQuillan
James Merlin
Lisa Middents
Shirley Mietlicki-Floyd
Rachel Monette
Heather Montminy
Mary Moore
Kathleen Muscari
My Worst Best Friend books
Marge Michalski & Frank Schwerin
Linda Neas & Roger Rhinehart
Valerie Niemann
Tim Neumann
Susan & Gordon Parker
Frances Plumer
Wendy Peppercorn
Eleanor Podlesney
Pam Poggio
Robert Pondelli
Lisa Prolman
Kelly Puchalski
Lisa Prolman
Mary & Charles Rearick
Jean Reese
Roger Rhinehart & Linda Neas
Richardson’s Candy Kitchen
Judith Rose
Vincent Russo
Lorraine Sanderson
Thomas Schiff
Ken Schoen
Jean Schwartz
Nanci Schwartz
Rebecca Slate
Jim Smethurst & Carol Forney
Gabriel Smith
Judith Solsken 
Elizabeth Sorenson
Steadfast Life Consulting
Kathleen Sullivan
Kathleen Sylvester
Linda Tannenbaum
Marie Thomas
Florence Turchetti
Jean Turner
Cecilia VanDriesche
Susannah VanDriesche
Anne and Ken Weiss
John White
Irene Winkelbauer
Anne Weiss
Thomas Wolslegel
Mary Woodford
Tricia & Matthew Woods
Analee Wulfkuhle
Deborah Yaffe
Anonymous (1)


You can help make this dream a reality by making a pledge or donation to the Capital Campaign. To make a donation, simply click the PayPal button below. To make a multi-year pledge, please contact the library director for a pledge form.

Donations may be sent via PayPal:

NOTE: When donating to the Capital Campaign through the Tilton Fund PayPal account, please note in the “special instructions” box that this is for the capital campaign.  If mailing a check, please be sure to make the check out to The Tilton Fund, Inc., with a note that it is for the capital campaign. Thank you!

Online Raffle (summer/fall 2024)
Community Picnic at Deerfield Establishment (summer/fall 2024)
Grant Applications to Foundations (ongoing)

The Tilton Library is a place of imagination, discovery, connectedness, and community. With your help, we can build this 21st Century Tilton Library which will serve the community for generations to come. Together, we can provide opportunities for people of all ages and all walks of life to gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to have a better quality of life, and provide the resources to bring people together to build and strengthen our community. 
Thank you.

“Greenfield Savings Bank is proud to support the Tilton Library Capital Campaign.
The Tilton Library is creating an enhanced community treasure which will serve
future generations. I’m excited that the renovation will ensure that the library
meets the anticipated needs of the greater Deerfield community. Our region will
benefit from this beloved institution for years to come.”

– Thomas J. Meshako, CEO & President