Library of Things collection

The Library of Things is a collection of items for loan that expands the boundaries of traditionally defined library materials.

A natural evolution of the library’s existing lending model, this collection supplements the library’s approach to meeting the needs of our diverse and growing community. It supports the “sharing economy” and the Town of Deerfield’s sustainability efforts, as patrons sharing items means less waste. The collection also offers an opportunity to “try before you buy,” to save money, and to test out something you might not have come across otherwise.

The Library of Things collection is funded through the library’s materials budget – just like books. Currently our Library of Things collection includes: ukulele, mandolin, sewing machine, astronomy backpack kit, outdoor “plain air” sketching backpack kit, and walking stick

With this collection, Tilton Library aims to offer the physical tools needed to support lifelong learning and creativity, and provide new ways for kids and adults to interact and explore. The collection supports the library’s mission to “enrich our community through opportunities for learning, sharing, growth, and fun.”

All items from the Tilton’s Library of Things need to be picked up and returned to the Tilton Library (not another library) during open hours. On days when we are only offering foyer pickup arrangements will be made with a library staff person to pickup and drop off the item at our door. Library of Things items cannot be placed on hold Please call us at 413-665-4683 or email us to make an arrangement to get a Library of Things item.