Julie Retirement Open House

Tilton Library Staff News:
Julie Cavacco Retiring


Please join us for an open house goodbye – drop in for a few minutes
anytime from 11-4.
Masks required, and as Julie would say
“keep a cow’s distance from others.”
She will be thrilled to see you!

After working as the Children’s Librarian for 20+ years, our dear Julie has decided  to join her husband in retirement. Her last day will be Monday January 31. Over the years Julie has developed quite a following of devoted fans, children and parents alike. She is a cherished member of the Tilton family. We will never forget Julie’s kindness, her amazing customer service, and her sense of humor. She will poke in from time to time as a substitute or to offer a program, but we will be sad to see her leave her day-to-day post. We are happy that she will have more time to do the things she loves, namely: spending time with her family, writing her children’s books, and cooking.