Large Backyard Maple Tree Update

It is with a heavy heart that the Tilton Library has made the difficult decision to remove the large maple tree right behind the library. In the past year two professional arborists were brought in to diagnose the health and longevity of the tree. While we originally thought we could save the tree, we have since learned that the tree is showing signs of sickness, and that while the revised library design gives the tree a wide berth, it is likely that the tree could fall within 5-10 years and cause severe damage to the building. The cost of caring for and maintaining the tree is estimated to be thousands of dollars a year, which is not something we can afford given our budget constraints. Even if we did have the funds for the maintenance there is no guarantee that the life of the tree could be extended.

The Tilton Library’s Building Committee and project manager met this week and it became clear that the tree’s long life was coming to an end, and that we cannot risk possible damage to the library nor can we take on the high cost of trying to preserve it for another 5-10 years. The tree will come down, likely in the coming week.

This grand tree has provided shade, comfort, and a gathering place for many over its long lifetime. It has been a large part of Tilton Library’s identity. This is a sad day in an otherwise exciting and glorious time for our town’s library, and we are so sorry to share this hard news. Let us take comfort in all the great memories of this tree and know that the other large trees that surround the library – which are in very good health –  will be even more appreciated.

It is our hope that once this tree is safely removed that the wood can be used for furniture in the library or for other purposes, in order to keep its memory alive.