Wine Tasting Fundraising Event Cancellation

Including Refund & Donation Information

Dear Tilton Library Community:

At this time, we are writing regarding the ticket you bought (or planned to buy) for our 2020 Wine and Beer tasting fundraiser. At this point – after considering postponing – we have had to make the difficult decision that Tilton Library will not be able to hold this event in 2020 due to COVID-19.

Not being able to fundraise in our standard ways this year presents significant challenges to our library, and many in the Tilton Library community are asking how they can help. Unless you would like to request a ticket refund which we would be happy to return, we would be grateful if you would consider your previously purchased ticket price as a donation to the Tilton Fund and the Friends of the Tilton Library. In order for us to use it as a donation, you do not have to do anything. Donations like these will make a big difference to Tilton in what will be a historically challenging year for us. If you are not able to offer your previously purchased ticket a donation at this point, please email in order to receive a refund of the ticket price. For bookkeeping purposes, THE LAST DATE FOR ISSUING REFUNDS IS JUNE 30, 2020. If you had not yet purchased a ticket but planned to, we would be very grateful if you could donate whatever is possible for you here and drink a toast to the wonders of the library from the safety of your home:

We are considering a change of time when we hold this event in the future. Let us know how you would feel about attending this event in June 2021 rather than March 2021. One of the benefits of this change is that folks could be outdoors on the Champney’s patio.

Thank you and looking forward to raising a glass with you all in 2021.